Better product marketing with real-time list management.


Hi, we're @andrewdraper and @kenjonson.

You may know us as the young idiots behind—the world's first underwear subscription. Or as the mature adults behind Churn Buster—rescuing failed payments for underwear subscription companies 🙂.

We’ve also spent the past year quietly building a new product marketing app we named Synkit.

We built Synkit because product marketing has been a nightmare for web apps like Churn Buster. Web apps with emails stored in Stripe, Intercom,, Mailchimp and everywhere else.

It's a pain in the ass just to send an email to our customers.

You know is a customer, because he paid you money. But is still on a marketing list. So when Prospect Pam gets a HOT DEAL because oh god you need users to sign up...well, Customer Bob likes hot deals too.

Without a tool that knows who is a customer, and who is a prospect, it’s always a shot in the dark. And shooting in the dark is risky business.

Product marketers are hamstrung by bad options:

  1. Hours spent exporting, de-duping, organizing csv’s before sending emails
  2. Trying to automate a system that always falls short
  3. Saying “screw it” and sending emails with grim acceptance

Product teams deserve something better.

With Synkit, we aim to:

Product marketing shouldn't be slowed down by poor list management. You put a lot of time and energy into building better product, and you should be able to share that momentum with your people.

This is why we work nights/weekends to build Synkit.

If you share our frustration with the "old way" and are interested in gaining access to Synkit pre-launch, sign up below! Let's make product marketing more conversational, and less of a chore.

Andrew & Ken

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