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Consolidate lists, tag customers, and track changes in real time.

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Automatically capture new list subscribers

Anytime a new list subscriber is added, anyplace you are collecting them, they will be pulled into your master lists.


Sync to the appropriate list in real-time

Once consolidated, Synkit will segment Customers and Prospects based on however you define a customer.

Group by domains

Domain Grouping will group people whose email address is from the same domain—if one is a customer, all are marked as customers.


Unified Unsubscribes

When someone unsubscribes from any one of your lists, this information will be tracked and shared.


How is this different from my current marketing software's segmentation tools?

Prospects can become customers, and Customers can return to being prospects. Synkit is uniquely designed for 100% accuracy of this very important distinction, so you can communicate quickly and effectively with your audience.

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