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Ken Johnson and Andrew Draper

We built Synkit because product marketing has been a nightmare for other projects we've worked on. Web apps with emails stored in Stripe, Intercom,, Mailchimp... and everywhere else.

It's a total pain just to send an email to our customers, without missing a good percentage of them (with Churn Buster we were missing over 60% before Synkit!).

Example: You know is a customer—he paid you money. But is just on your marketing list, even though he's a paid user by association. So next time you email a limited-time offer to drive signups, Customer Ken gets the email too. Synkit has a powerful feature called Domain Grouping that solves this problem.

Without a tool that knows who is a customer, and who is a prospect, it’s always a shot in the dark. And shooting in the dark is risky business.


Product marketers are slowed down by bad options:

With Synkit, you can:

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