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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a free plan?

Yes. Synkit is free to connect and will show you the most accurate list numbers you've seen. For automated, real-time list management, upgrade to a paid plan.

What can I do once lists are synced?

You can export a list via spreadsheet with a free account. On a paid plan, connect your favorite platform for sending emails, and Synkit will create new lists that are updated in real-time for 100% accuracy.

What does list consolidation mean?

A sync will pull in email addresses from all your sources into a single, master list. Based on your customer definition, lists will be sorted into Customers and Prospects.

What is domain grouping?

Domain grouping is a powerful tool that matches email addresses with common domains. For example, and would both be considered customers if only Ken had created a paid account. Common domains like Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook etc will not be grouped.

What sources are supported?

Common sources like Mailchimp, Campaign Monitor, Drip, Stripe, Intercom, and sync'd easily with a button click. Other sources can be sync'd via spreadsheet import.

What is a source?

A source includes any place where email addresses are stored. Applications, databases, and even spreadsheets.

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